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#Frequently asked questions

Where are Chai Ho teas sourced from?
Our teas are sourced from India, primarily from the North eastern part of the country.
What herbs and spices are used in the Chai Ho Teas?
Our teas and blends used various spices sourced in locally in India and are based on the traditional Ayurvedic principles. Each flavor may contain a single herb/spice or a blend of spices which accentuate the flavor profile and health benefits.
How many flavors does Chai Ho tea offer?
We rotate flavors every 4-6 months based on seasonally available ingredients. At any point of time, we offer six different types of teas.
Where can I buy Chai Ho teas?
In addition to our virtual store, we do sell our teas at local markets and events. Check our website or subscribe to our e-newsletter to get updates on events and local markets where you can buy our products
Is shipping included in the price?
For orders of 6 cans or more, shipping is free. We do run promotions from time to time offering rebates on shipping costs. Subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of these promotions
Does Chai Ho Tea flavors come in multiple pack sizes?
We currently sell a single pack size. The quantity in each can may vary depending on the variant, We will be offering Single use hand crafted muslin cloth tea bags ( which are biodegradable).
How many cups of tea can you get from each can of Tea?
On average you should be able to get 16-20 cups of tea.
Can we recycle used tea leaves?
Used tea leaves can be used plant fertilizer, as a room freshner, a deodorizer, a facial scrub or to refresh your eyes: Here are a few ideas :
  • Collect your used tea leaves in a tin or Tupperware box on the side and weekly sprinkle on your flower beds, no need to dry them out first. You can also mix them into soil or compost before planting new plants. The nutrient-rich leaves will help plants grow, rose plants especially like chagra!
  • Dry your favourite flavour of tea on some kitchen roll on the radiator, in the sun or in the oven on a very very low heat. Place into little muslin bags to scent your drawers, cupboards or rooms.
  • To make a bath sachet, follow Step 2's drying tips and then throw in the tub for a great aromatic soak.
  • For a great deodoriser, sprinkle damp leaves onto stained or smelly carpets and hoover up to leave your carpets clean and smelling fresh.
  • Place your damp black, green or white tea leaves into a muslin bag and place over tired and sore eyes to refresh them.
  • Sprinkle damp leaves onto chopping boards and surfaces that have absorbed strong odours like fish or meat and scrub clean as normal, this will help to absorb unwanted smells and leave your chopping board fresh.
    What are the health benefits of teas?
    All our teas are based on Ayurvedic science and there are numerous health benefits from the ingredients used. To highlight a few:
    • Turmeric helps with inflammation.
    • Chamomile helps with cholesterol.
    • Basil helps control allergies.
    • Hibiscus helps lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.